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Making a video has unique challenges, that’s why we’re here. Our full scope of video services your project will run smoothly from pre-productions to the final cut. People tend to see the shined up polished final video, but that looking in from the outside. The various services in pre-production is where the rubber meets the road. When a production is going smoothly it’s the hard work and dedication in the preproduction showcasing itself. Scripting Storyboarding, location scouting, set and wardrobe design, casting and development of shot lists are some of the elements of a well-developed pre-production plan. 


When the lights are on, the camera and rolling, and the action is taking place; that’s production. Bus-Stop production has the crazy gear, cool lingo, and the education and experience to showcase your video in the highest of quality. Our staff has the highest quality experience producing, directing, operating cameras, lighting scenes and capturing audio. Our work has taking us from producing films to capturing true crime TV shows and live streaming events that break records on YouTube. We pride ourselves on the content we create regardless of production genre. 


A process of combining all the pre-production with the ingredients of production into a work of art is what our post-production team does. Through sound design, editing, VFX and color grading our team crafts professional award-winning videos that grab your audience’s attention.